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by Eleazhar P.
:: Monday, July 27, 2009
It's Costy to Live in Jakarta!

Sometimes, I do miss my earlier life, when everything's simple, cheap, and no hurriness. And that now occurs really often when I, let's say, reviewing my life for this ongoing almost two years out of home, finding who myself is and to be.

It occurs when I see and experience life in several sides of contrary, all by myself. Moving from and to diifferent town and cities. Got and get job. Having some friends here and there. And of course, getting my own comparison & studies of how much we have been spending money and efforts for daily life.

Before I went out of my town in North Sumatra, there were nothing to be worried of what we would eat tomorrow & later. It was not that our family was rich. Not at all. Though my father was a civil servant and his wife was making business at her own, everything was just fulfilled as they were. Food, we had plenty. Tasty snacks and cakes in the afternoon, you name it. Vacation, what is it anyway since everyday was almost vacation & leisure truly? School fee, there was nothing overdue to it. There was few good school to mention but most kids were going to the same public school, and we made our own competition. What else? Fitness center? Hah! We're naturally athletes. Air was also so pure, and there's always blue sky amazing our mind above. What else did we need??? Everything was there and how blessed our life was.

And now, this is Ele who is living in big city named Jakarta. Everything's looked running in its own pace. And money seems to be "too easy" to spend. Most things are valued at high fare.

I do live with my relatives here, but I want to live "normal" as most Jakartans, that you have to pay for the room you live in, eventhough it's your relative's house! So, waking up in the morning is then started by spending money for breakfast, & spending phone credits to check business e-mails. Later on you have to spend money for transportation fee which you deserve for; using buses to go to the office. No, it's not by using taxi service. Then buying expensive brunches and lunches, and so forth till the end of the day.

You must also buy milk, supplement vitamins, and mags-books so you can be always fit and have competency in mind. Wew! Later on, the weekend! It's very difficult to find a place where you can spend your weekend with minimum budget. Options are very limited, except you go to the malls which are everywhere here. It's hot here and there is no way out except going inside the mall. And of course, spending your money is a MUST! God!... Why isn't there any cheap public space to spend our days? And this traffic, it's "superb", it's weird. I hate it.

Now, you get the idea, right? No? Ok, I myself don't know what I'm talking about. I don't want to live forever here. Someday, I'll be back to my hometown. Up to now, still I have to spend more here, in Jakarta, all my money and efforts.

Bye, case is closed.


Eleazhar P. @ 7/27/2009 10:10:00 PM.


  • On July 28, 2009 at 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said,
  • "oh...really?? sebanding x le dengan salarymu, ga mungkin dong besar pasak daripada tiang...sangat gampang memang menghabiskan uang di kota besar kayak jakarta palagi smuanya ada di jkt, ga kyk dulu mash di rumah ortu ga usah mikirin makan pulang skul or kul da tersedia makanan di rumah lha sekarang apa2 harus keluar, emag enak di rumah ortu...jadi rindu rumah neh le :-("

    penghematan disana-sini.... :("

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