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by Eleazhar P.
:: Friday, August 20, 2010
Facebook Places Now!

Well it was pretty weird to find that the newly updated "Facebook for iPhone" in my iPod touch can run this feature; Facebook Places, which was previously announced to be accessible for US users only. I will not play Foursquare again. :)

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:: Wednesday, August 18, 2010
The Heat on Jakarta

Finally I had gotten very good mood to change template for my personal blog. This new template is actually not having many differences with the one I created, back in 2007; the youthful yet vibrant "Village Kid and Blue Sky". But indeed I have some "inner things" clean, its CSS and HTML.

No specific ideas on why I put this template to become so bright. It's just ringing like a bell; the heat of the sun, city and its buildings, and an ordinary life we have. So here it is, a template which shows my daily life, the buildings on which we spend most of our days, and the sun which is always shining, though we're fading under the clouds. Here I name it, The Heat on Jakarta.

Tested and works fine in: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.
Created on: August 17 2010
Designer: Ele Azhar Purba


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