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by Eleazhar P.
:: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Sent From ... Hey It's Not To Show-Off!

Now what will you think when you read this on e-mail signatures?
"Sent from my Blackberry."
"Sent from my iPhone."

Hahahaha... Two years ago, I was still considering that e-mail signatures embedded with attribution of the particular gadget used to access the e-mail, was no more than to show off.

Showing off to people / recipient that we have Blackberry or iPhone or any such cool gadgets...
Showing off to people that we're such a busy employee / worker who needs to be always online, carrying the whole e-mail access anywhere anytime...
Showing off to people that we're afford to pay the special yet expensive data plan of our carriers...

But now I change my perspective on this... Well, it was just several months ago, when I bought my (lovely) iPod. It does have the ability to access corporate e-mail account of my office.

The e-mail experience on iPod is great. I like it. But when I was starting to send e-mails out of this gadget, in which the default signature was saying " Sent from my iPod", some colleagues dropped a straight thought that I can be always online like an iPhone. Whilst I am not. This gadget truly depends on the WiFi to go online, which I can not always find (for free)... Essentially it's still a music player with computer abilities in it, as it has operating system you may say so. It's not an iPhone. Please... :(

Oh well, the only solution I find was to emphasize that this is such a dumb gadget when there's no WiFi! Hehehe...

So I add additional words on e-mail signature... "Sent from my iPod, limited connectivity". This must explains all things written above. :p

So things are quite clear now. That signature is more to be short explanation to people of the nature of gadgets we're using to access the e-mail.

Now have a look on people's signature...
When they're stating that the e-mail you currently read on was sent from a mobile device; Blackberry, iPhone or any Android based devices, please rethink of how the e-mail was transmitted to you. Please rethink that somehow the e-mail had already been passing the allocated small sized bandwith from carrier to server, processed in, and transmitted to recipient, and so is vice versa. Or even an iPod, please reconsider that the gadget used to send e-mail you receive, is truly depending on the available connection. It's limited. And its user, might be someone who wants to choose device which is not "pushing" him to read and respond e-mails the whole day. A private person, maybe. Just like me, hahaha...

So, please... Read the e-mail signature in another perspective. And pour out a little bit empathy on it. :)

Ele Purba
Sent from my iPod, limited connectivity.

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Eleazhar P. @ 11/18/2010 11:57:00 AM.


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