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by Eleazhar P.
:: Saturday, December 4, 2010
Reviving Mobile Blogging

By now, if you haven't even heard and visited a blog, you might have been living in a cave. It is serious. This new media - if I may say so, is a new powerful tool for people among the world. And I myself have been enjoying the fruit of blogging, indeed.

Okay, I won't tease nor even preach you more about blogging and its fruits. But here I'm going to tell you such a practical and easiest way to send your idea to your blog and let it be conveyed throughout the blogosphere. It is, mobile blogging.

The first thing you got to have, after a blog account for sure, is an e-mail account which support POP3 and or IMAP4. The second is the handheld (mobile phone and smartphone) which has e-mail client feature in it. Nowadays, low-end phones, like my Nokia 1680c, do support e-mail client feature. Moving up to the next step, let's configure and rocking the blog.

1. E-mail Configuration
Please make sure that your e-mail account supports POP3/IMAP4 feature. This I recommend Gmail and Cortado for free powerful e-mail providers. Then go to the setting menu and follow & activate the POP3/IMAP4.

2. Phone Configuration
Now hold your mobile phone. Configure the e-mail client setting according to the general protocol setting given by your e-mail provider. Lucky you, if your handheld support the e-mail wizard featurd. You just have to fulfill your e-mail address and password and -voila!- the rests are all configured. Oh, I forgot. Kindly make sure that you already subsbribe to data service which is provided by your nework operator.

3. Blog Configuration
The last step is to configure your blog setting. This step depends on your blog provider or CMS. If you're a Blogspot user, you just have to go to your blog dashboard and choose the "e-mail" menu, covered under Setting menu. Tap the magic word of your own, it will be your unique e-mail address to post your contents. Then... abrakadabra! Now you're ready to send posts to your blog thru your mobile handheld.

So why is it interesting for me to write this? Nothing else than to raise mind awareness (again) for people that blogging is so cheap and easy. Sending posts from mobile handhelds won't cost us much money, if we sight out that data service tariff is very cheap by now. After all, mobile handhelds are very common anyway. Bet you have it, ranging from low-end ones to Blackberry. Now you can convey your ideas and contents (pictures or even videos, depends on the blog service you're using) to the whole world right away on your finger, anytime, anywhere. Happy blogging!...

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