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by Eleazhar P.
:: Sunday, December 5, 2010
Social Time Bomb of Jakarta

It's always interesting to observe and analyze the social issues covering up Jakarta. This capital of Indonesia, has complex problems in terms of many things and would have gained the impacts within.

Set up your steps to humble poor kampongs and societies in Jakarta. Surrounding the skyscrappers and huge malls, these are all panorama of contradiction we may looking at. The gap is too wide to be measured. On one side, there are people who have accesses to sufficient and luxurious living, transportation, food, entertainment, education, and good jobs - though it's stressful sometimes. Contrary to this, most people spend more than half of their salary (and wages) for transportation purpose, and have no accesses to sufficient things which are mentioned above. Moreover, many of them have no access to basic standard of living, like clean water and air, well maintained environment (housing and sanitation), and education for the youth. Everything has its own fee and price as there's nothing free in Jakarta.

Considering those issues above, and observing that there have been no significant actions and regulations by the local government, whilst the govt is apparently giving full supports to the capital owners than the majority poor people, we would say that this is a problem. A serious problem for the whole Jakartans in the future. We just counter it with political and economy bias then, so the result will be, let's say, a time bomb of social issues.

So what are you expecting from me? I have no answer for this. The answer and solution themselves are on the hands of Jakartans, people and the govt. An outsider like me, can not give any full advice on how to solve and unravel this situation. I'm just conveying hope that there soon will be great actions taken forward. Put your steps ahead, Jakartans!...


Eleazhar P. @ 12/05/2010 04:41:00 PM.


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