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by Eleazhar P.
:: Monday, February 7, 2011
To Think Out Of The Box, Stay To Be Inside Please...

I think I'm pretty lucky that there were online courses I had, pertaining to such thing named Six Sigma. Well, the company I work for was providing the courses of course. It was good actually, to redefine processes on all aspects, and to drive them for better growth within the measureable matters in the organisation.

Not that I'm no way interested in this thing. Really I'm interested in it. But somehow there are points in the processes of figuring out the critical points are way that complicated, for me personally.

I was then thinking of the fun thing to do this. Simply I play with the ability of empathy in me. I think that this has never been done by me before, for specific reasons. Till that day, my empathy was easily going poured out to other people, rather not ever pouring it out to myself. I used to think of the others', then I myself to be the last one to be left behind. Yet to say, that I was no way to think about myself; playing martyr and get pity to all by myself to me alone. Argh, Pisces me!

This would be simply easy. This is my game. I've been playing it at the very intensive in my life. Damn! Hahaha...

Now I'm simply shooting out myself as an independent form out there, to gently see into myself of who is in the box, and figuring out how to define the problems I face and to do the needful things afterward.

I think I'm now understanding the true concept of thinking outside of the box, whilst we're truly have to stay inside the box. Argh, Ele!... :P


Eleazhar P. @ 2/07/2011 12:17:00 PM.


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