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by Eleazhar P.
:: Sunday, August 14, 2011
Craving for Sushi and Sashimi...

So I've been impractically and desperately craving for sushi and (tuna) sashimi while I am writing this post... Truly I've been, that 3 hours ago I was tweeting "Suddenly craving for Sushi and Sashimi... Ooh, Tuna... #kucingngeong2"... Then, that true enemy of mine (@felixjuarso), tweeted this, and that made me so "galau"... Uhuk!
Oh, well.. So that was a good try, Mister. You tried to make this cat to be so envy with your superlate dinner of sushi (at midnight? That was so superlate. Now I know how you get your big belly, huahahaha...). Very good effort it was, Felix...

Yang bisa aku lakukan setelahnya hanya bisa googling gambar-gambar sushi dan sashimi di tengah malam ini. Gue kepengen banget, bangeeetttt, bangggeeeetttttttttt!!! Udah kayak emak-emak ngidam gitu.

Look at that! Salmon sashimi!!! I want that one NOW. Meeoonggg...

Aku bertekad, besok harus makan sushi dan sashimi! Dan seminggu ke depan juga, harus dapat ikan mentah atau yang half cooked. The end of this story.

Kucing lapar, pengen ikan... Meowww...*dengan suara meong yang lirih...*


Eleazhar P. @ 8/14/2011 01:09:00 AM.


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