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by Eleazhar P.
:: Friday, September 2, 2011
It Felt Like You're Injecting Something Into My Medullas

I smell the smell of you
And my heart rings out and singing out an animal song loud

I can even touch the textures of the surfaces of your face
And my heart cries out loud as if it would be endless to be seen and touched

Now I'm suddenly so brave and embraced
Now my heart is fulfilled with the warmth of your heart
And what have you done to me, I ask thee
And what have you delivered into me, I wonder

What is it?
How does it appear and is risen?
And who are you actually?

For each cells and structures
For all medullas compounded and built the visible me
For all tears and laughs, you form me like you are in a way to guide me
Take a way, a step right in front of me
And I'll follow you

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Eleazhar P. @ 9/02/2011 11:35:00 PM.


  • On September 3, 2011 at 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said,
  • "Ga ngerti"
    "Just enjoy it. :)"

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