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by Eleazhar P.
:: Sunday, February 5, 2012
Changing Direction on Blogging?

By the allowance of Indonesian-written blogs to be showing the Adsense ads, it's been such great news for us, Indonesians, to freely write posts in Bahasa Indonesia. This doesn't mean that we can not write in English (well, many of us are speaking English in several accents; American English, Australian English, British English, etc. But you will hear the most of us are speaking in Indonesian English), but there are many words which are only able to be perfectly expressed in our language, Bahasa.

Moreover, in numbers, Indonesia-based internet users are getting higher and higher each month. Thanks to Friendster and Facebook who have been attracting us, the social nation, to find our online home to interact in.

Later this morning, after some conversations at Facebook, I'd been come up in thinking to talk more about community development in this country. This is pertaining to deliver more posts in regards of technology upbringing to the upcountry friends of this nation. Yes, I'm now in a mission (along with other bloggers) to bring the community closer to the usage of internet and other popular tech.

I believe that there are spaces and time for Indonesians to come in a point where we'll be able to stand up amongst nations or at least to be countable, in terms of the usage, development, and creation of technology. And to fill up the empty spaces, here we are to deliver the informations and engage with the community.

And that is my fellows of this blog; the community in upcountry.

There will not be any technical posts to be written, I think. But I will do "post of collaboration", a transmedia writing to deliver the matters which will be best.

And my "galau" writings which people love the most? Oh, I will still be writing it. Deeper and more intensive posts to come.

Stick around to this blog. I'll be writing in Bahasa, and English occasionally.

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