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by Eleazhar P.
:: Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Noah - Separuh Aku (Cover Version by @ardosebastian)

The re-branded Peterpan Band, now NOAH, already released their very first single, "Separuh Aku", born under their new band mothership. And I have to admit that, it is good on ears. :)

So you've might already heard it everywhere, with lots of people covering the song and upload the videos to Youtube. And millions of videos views are about to come within the next few months, to conclude the whole cover version and the original video, of course.

One might standing on the top of the cover version at Youtube, and I already noticed one. I choose not to write more comments on it, so I'll let you decide how good it is. I'm sure that this guy, @ardosebastian, deserves more attention from you for his music (kind of Owl City, eh?).

Dan terjadi lagi
Kisah lama yang terulang kembali
Kau terluka lagi
Dari cinta rumit yang kau jalani

Aku ingin kau merasa
Kamu mengerti aku mengerti kamu
Aku ingin kau sadari
Cintamu bukanlah dia

Dengar laraku
Suara hati ini memanggil namamu
Karena separuh aku dirimu

Ku ada di sini
Pahamilah kau tak pernah sendiri
Karena aku selalu
Didekatmu saat engkau terjatuh

Dengar laraku
Suara hati ini memanggil namamu
Karena separuh aku menyentuh laramu
Semua lukamu telah menjadi milikku
Karena separuh aku dirimu

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