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by Eleazhar P.
:: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
It's You To Adjust To The System For You Can Survive

"Apply this at work and in life, that it's you to adjust yourself into the system. It's not the system to adjust itself for you. You'll be survivor then."

My life mentor in my early 20s.

A very old advice by my mentor at the first company I worked for, which is still valid till now. I keep spreading these words to the younger people; my previous team members in 2010, my siblings, and some youngsters I met recently.

It's not that we are bond to change ourselves to be accepted by the system, be it at work and other ecosystems. That's you and all qualities in you, you don't have to change it. But it's that we have to manage ourselves to adapt to the established system we're joining into, so some negative impacts which may result later, will not happen to you at the very worst scenario. Indeed, the qualities in you must not be contraproductive to your own life.

And now I wish the newly joint members in my ecosystem could read, understand, and apply this advice in life and especially at work.

Bang, thanks for the simple yet great advice. It has been helping me and others.


Eleazhar P. @ 10/10/2012 11:14:00 PM.


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