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by Eleazhar P.
:: Sunday, March 8, 2015
Bangkok Trip, March 2 - 4

This was my first time to Bangkok and Thailand, and for a business trip. Delivering presentation in front of members from other countries, was my main and ultimate purpose to be sent here. I did, enjoy Bangkok. But I do not plan to visit it again as personal trip.

In just one hour at the office (Feb 23), right after arriving from my getaway to Aceh, the big boss said that I had to go to Bangkok on March 2 - 4. Being surprised and still my head was on the clouds - as felt so happy for my Aceh journey, I did not make any itinerary of what to do and visit in the short trip. I stayed at the hotel most of the time.

I took this Bangkok trip as one of my 29th birthday gifts. One had happened earlier, my Aceh getaway of course! :D

In Iboih, Aceh, one week earlier...
"Nggak berminatkah ke Thailand atau Malaysia, El?" asked Bang Dian.

That sudden question, I took it as a prophecy. I did not plan any visit to Thailand before. It was just a sudden instruction by my boss. My big bro did ever make prophecy about Facebook, and it happened. I'm working and waiting for another prophecy to be fulfilled; making a FREE trip to see the auroras in northern hemisphere. He will join me again, I believe.

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