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by Eleazhar P.
:: Sunday, October 25, 2015
Haze on Two Consecutive Getaways

I haven't got much to type at the moment. It's hard. As if all fingers are turned into nail finger each. As if I lost the ability to tell stories again.

Someone said to me, some times ago, that my subjective opinions were raising something bad in ears. Eventhough I was expecting a clarification for any specific opinion I might had said, of what that was.

I was "afraid" that I had taken a wrong message, that this someone's opinion is validating all my deeds were politically wrong. To be honest, I'd lost the inner direction, all my will, all the spiritual fortress I had been building for years suddenly were going down, because of the opinion. If it was something that coming out from the mouth of a stranger or even someone I don't give a damn business with, the story would be so much different. And had I not talked to my boss at the office about my situation last week, I would explode.


Haze, haze, haze is covering the most western part of this country for few months. My September (North Sumatra, to my home province with my sister) and October getaways (a company picnic in Belitung) had even no blue sky. Sad.

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