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by Eleazhar P.
:: Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Those Little Kindness You Gave

"I'm still amazed on how you remember all things I'd told you. And those kindness you give me, why are you so kind?"

"You were the one to gave me more kindness first. When everyone left me, and was thinking that I was crazy, you were still there for me.
My memory is my worst enemy, at the opposite of these all. I can remember what people had told or had treated me in such way. I might have forgiven them, but the details of the memory kill me. They would have said that I hold grudges forever while I'm not. I'm sufferring, brother."
Dan tentangmu, aku bersumpah untuk menjadi your brother-in-arms, selamanya.

Depok Town Square, June 13.
Photo by myself during #eapgetawaymay2016.

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